January 6, 2014

Welcome 2014!

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Hello everyone, I hope you all had a nice holiday season. Our holidays were very nice, but I am very ready to get back to the rhythm of everyday life. I missed it during my husband’s sabbatical. We both noticed that we got much less done without the structure of our usual schedules.

I will be making a couple of small blog changes for 2014. You probably haven’t noticed, but I have not be participating in Gratitude Sunday much in the last few months. It has not been for lack of gratitude on my part. The problem has lain in the fact that my health has once again declined. This time, I was finally diagnosed with Lupus. The diagnosis has been a Godsend, honestly. It has meant that I am finally receiving the proper medicines and I have finally found a support group of people struggling with the exact same health problems that I have. Yet, I do not want the focus of this blog to be on lupus. I want it to be a place where I share the beauty and joy that come with our Waldorf-inspired lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are many days and weeks even, when the things I am most grateful for are things such as being able to walk without pain, or having the energy to join friends for tea, or being able to fight through the brain fog such that I can balance my checkbook. These are things that I am truly grateful for, but I feel that they sound negative or like I am trying to gain sympathy and attention when I write them in a blog post. So I would just rather focus on sharing the beauty that I find in our life. As such, since I am no longer going to be participating in Gratitude Sunday, I decided to start participating in the new meme that will be hosted on The Magic Onions, "52 Weeks in Nature”.

Speaking of memes, I have decided to discontinue my meme, “The Budding Botanist”. I have really enjoyed our projects and plan to continue them, but need to eliminate the self-induced stress that comes with hosting a weekly meme. In addition, my husband and I have decided to move into a town home as soon as the housing market improves enough for us to sell our house and recoup our down payment (hopefully within 2 years, at the most). A smaller home will mean less housework for me, which I am struggling with greatly. Also, a town home will mean that we do not have to do the outside maintenance, such as keeping a yard. Finally, a town home will be cheaper, freeing up our finances such that we can afford to hire help, as I need it. Unfortunately, living in a town home is going to greatly reduce my ability to garden, though I have said that a patio that I can container-garden on is an absolute must for our new home.

Anyway, this will hopefully be the last post of the year that I feel the need to discuss the changes that lupus had brought to my life. I will probably post some tidbits about lupus on occasion, just in an attempt to raise awareness about lupus. In fact, I’m going to start my lupus awareness campaign today, with this nice little infographic. 

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  1. Oh Maureen, I am so sad you've been feeling worse! Thank goodness for a definitive diagnosis though...like you said, you can finally have a specific plan of action on how to deal with it. I think they thought my mom had lupus at one point (she also had various misdiagnosis) but finally settled on myelodysplastic syndrome.

    I think that's an excellent plan of action...saving your energy to spend with your kids is tons better than doing unnecessary housework and stuff that don't you as much joy.

    As always, I look forward to the journey as your friend, even if I'm only an online one. :)

    Here's to a year of managed and stabilized health, and one of good and successful changes! Hugs!

  2. oh sorry you are struggling more with your health. I worked with someone years ago with lupus so I know how debilitating it can be:(. I hope you are able to move into a smaller house and get some help soon. Love the doll hat and gloves too:)

  3. I was diagnosed in Sept with LUPUS. It's not that easy to find info that I can relate to. I've happened on to some sight that people have 10 different ailments and one is LUPUS. I am on one medication and still looking for a site/forum to exchange info with people. Also, although the dr says diet/nutrition isn't an issue for the most part, I'm wondering if other are having any luck with diet changes besides avoiding salty things that make me swell. Mine first made itself known last winter when my fingers swelled too much for my wedding ring to fit, then in June with a over-quilting adventure that made my hands, knuckles and wrists swell a ton. Really thought it was carpal tunnel, because of the nature of my work for many years. Blood tests sent them in a different direction.