September 8, 2013

Gratitude Sunday–September 8

SunsetSunday – Two ripe ears of corn on our test corn plants!PumpkinMonday – Having a very relaxing day off and harvesting Sola’s pumpkin that she grew from last year’s pumpkin remains.

Tuesday – Lovely first day of “school”!  Plus, Sola started dance class and was so excited about it, she practically radiated all day.SunflowerWednesday – Sunflowers! This is the first time that I have successfully grown sunflowers in our yard, so it is a particularly big deal to me. Though, I must confess that Tertia grew some GIANT sunflowers several years ago with no help from me. This sunflowers aren’t anywhere near that tall.DragonflyThursday – Pretty dragonflies

Friday – Being able to enjoy stunning sunsets now that the sun is setting earlier (in the summer the sun sets 10 PM-ish here and we usually don’t stay outside that late).

Saturday – Loving our minivan, which just passed the 100,000 miles mark