September 13, 2013

Autumn Window Stars

Yellow Window StarThis week, we decided to make some new window stars for Autumn. I had hoped to make some more complicated stars, but was disappointed to find that almost all of the patterns in Magical Window Stars, by Frederique Gueret, called for rectangular paper (the author actually uses tissue paper). We were using kite paper squares, so couldn’t make any of the patterns that called for rectangular paper. The one pattern that I tried to make that did use square paper was simply beyond my abilities (at least what my abilities are when I have a four-year is going bezerk in the background). I finally switched to using Crafts Through the Year, by Thomas Berger, which has patterns for square and rectangular papers and things proceeded much more smoothly after that. Red Window StarBerger’s book does not have patterns for complicated window stars like Gueret’s does, but if you’re making window stars with young children, I’d most definitely recommend Berger’s book over Geuret’s. While older children and adults might prefer the more complex patterns offered in Geuret’s book. If you prefer working with kite paper, as I do, you can buy large sheets of kite paper and cut it into rectangles.Making Window StarsWhile I was busy trying to figure out how to make “proper” window stars, Sola made up a design of her own (those strange-looking glasses she is wearing are for vision therapy) !Sola's Window StarDue to the amount of time I wasted trying to use the first book, I was not able to make as many stars as I had hoped. At first, I wanted to experiment with monochromatic stars and had planned to make a final star that used a larger array of fall colors, but I ran out of time.

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