July 17, 2013

Yarn Along Wednesday–Almost Done

Sunday SweaterI have been knitting like crazy the last two weeks. I knit while Sola was at music camp and whenever we went to the park or watched TV, but I’m still not quite Done with her Sunday Sweater. I have the last bit of the second sleeve and collar to knit. Then I need to tuck in all of the yarn ends, block the sweater, and add buttons. Hopefully I'll be done with all of that by the next Yarn Along!

Reading-wise, I didn’t do a lot of reading while I was switching my blog. I did start watching Midsomer Murders though. I had started watching the series a long time ago, but had forgotten everything that happened, so started watching the series with season 1, episode 1 (BTW, it’s on Netflix if you are interested in it). When I wasn’t distracted by doing blog changes or watching Midsomer Murders, I did do some catch-up reading of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, which I’d fallen a couple of months behind on. What about you all? What have you been reading and knitting?