July 15, 2013

Changes, Of a Blogging Nature

BluebellsWell, hello dear readers! I hope this post is finding everyone well and that my website change has not anyone any trouble. I know that going from “Homeschool Mo” to “Blue Bells and Cockle Shells” is a big change. I had forgotten how much work is involved in starting a blog, especially one with a custom URL. So, I’m sure that there are little things that I have forgotten to take care of or that have not been transferred/forwarded properly, but hopefully there will not be any major surprises for anyone with this transition. I feel a bit of explanation is in order at this point and time.

  • Why did I switch blog names, URL’s, and designs?
    • I never liked the name “Homeschool Mo” in the first place, it was name born of frustration when I tried to incorporate the word “homeschool” into a blog title and all of the custom URL’s I liked were already taken. I tried to make it work, but it has never sounded good and has proven difficult for me to settle on a blog design for.
    • My connective tissue disease has had profound impacts on my life and personality in the last three years. As such, I felt I needed a different blog title and design that more accurately represented the new me, my new beliefs, and my new life.
    • While homeschooling is still a major part of my life and what I blog about, I want my blog title to reflect that my blog is about more than just homeschooling.
    • A lot of my old posts had broken links in them and I was getting a lot of e-mails and messages asking me questions about the broken links, so I wanted to purge all of my old posts, as these old posts were no longer applicable to my life and I did not want to continue to support them.
  • Why the name "Blue Bells and Cockle Shells"?
    • I wanted a blog title that reflected how important gardening has become for me, as a form of mental therapy. It helps me feel more connected to the Earth and the rhythms of the seasons. I also enjoy watching my efforts bring forth new life. While I enjoy vegetable gardening, I really gain pleasure from my attempts at trying to incorporate cottage garden elements into our Pacific Northwest yard. It brings me great joy to look out my windows or drive into our driveway and see pretty flowers – blue bells being one of my favorite flowers. 
    • I learned to jump rope to “Blue Bells and Cockle Shells”, first using it just to jump over the rope swinging back and forth. I feel like “learning to jump rope” is pretty analogous to my life right now, as I try to learn to navigate  a world of constant doctor appointments and diagnoses, in which I can do much less, physically speaking, than I used to be able to do. In addition, the brain fog that I now experience pretty regularly, especially, makes me feel like I am just trying to learn to get my bearings and that I have innumerable hurtles to jump over.
    • Rhythm has become very important in my life, it helps me to keep my bearings and get through my days. It is also important in our homeschooling as I use a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling method with Sola. Jump rope rhymes are full of rhythm and so I feel that the title reflects this important aspect of our life.
    • It just sounds pretty!
  • What did I change my kids' names for this blog?
    • I will be keeping Primus, Secunda, and Tertia’s names the same (in case you did not understand where these names come from, they are supposed to be Latin for “first” (masculine), “second” (feminine), and “third” (feminine) in name formats.  It is not that my eldest children are not important to me, but given that they are all adults in college, they are not as actively involved in my life as my younger two are, plus I feel more hesitant to include any personal information about them, for fear of overstepping their own personal boundaries.
    • Meanwhile, the names “Gohan” and “Dora” are no longer applicable to my younger two children, who no longer admire those characters. As such, I decided to refer to my youngest son as “Noctis”, which is supposed to be Latin for the word “night” in a name format and “Sola”, which is supposed to be Latin for the word “sun” in a name format. These names are simply a reflection of my younger children’s appearances, as Noctis is quite dark in his coloring and Sola is quite fair.

Hopefully this has answered everyone’s questions, as I am sure that everyone has been dying to know “why Maureen changed the name of her blog”! (That should be read in a sarcastic tone, as I’m sure that everyone has plenty of better things to wonder about that why I changed my blog name.)